When I was in Grade 6, dad gave me a Parker pen – I think it was on my birthday.

This pen brand seemed to be his favorite. It’s always been the pen he’s using for quite a long time.

I lost it within a month.

I was never good at keeping pens.

I can’t even remember the last time I kept a pen until the ink ran out.

Another shot

Just recently, as I was preparing for a meeting with some government guys, I got my pen out – a cheap, office-supply pen.

I thought to myself, “Ugh this pen is so ordinary and may not give a good impression. I need a decent looking pen.”

Dad’s favorite pen popped in my mind.

So I grabbed my phone, ordered online, then received it after a few days.

I started writing with it.

Then I remembered how ordinary this pen’s ink is on paper. My wife suggested that it may be a fake version. I told her that it’s always been like this. Or what if we’ve always used the fake version? Online forums have mixed opinions. Well, it’s the entry version of Parker (jotter) so perhaps you can’t expect a lot?


Let me give this another shot and I hope to change the story I tell myself — that I’m no good at keeping pens.