This was not our first date. We were too occupied by the love in the air during that time that we never took a photo.

On January 8, 2012, 6 years ago — Hannah, my wife and I had our first date.

I arrived at our meeting place at least an hour earlier. This was in Abreeza Mall, Davao, Philippines. We agreed to watch a movie so I checked the cinema timings and bought tickets. I probably went at least 3 times in the toilet, washing my hands because it didn’t smell good. I have a sweaty palm — that’s why. And I was clearly anxious to make a good impression.


We decided to meet at McDonald’s since we coined it as a “Cheeseburger Date”. As she arrived, I kept staring at her lips. Her frequent smiles made her lips shaped like a heart. She wore a magenta long-sleeves top. She told me she wasn’t sure about my preference so she ended up wearing something a bit conservative. Hannah didn’t eat cheeseburger though, she just had water.


We watched Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. While seated next to each other, the scenario we found ourselves in was like in typical chick flick movies — you know, the scene in which the couple’s hands were so close to touching, waiting for whoever makes the next move. Tension’s rising.. Will it happen or not?

So.. I asked if I can hold her hand. I didn’t wait for her to respond. I just did it. We held hands until the movie credits appeared on the big screen. And even after the movie.

I told her I have sweaty hands problem. She said, “Cool!”. In my mind, I thought, “I guess it’s cool for now, let’s see later on”. A few years later, she no longer thought it’s cool. I kept teasing her and reminding her about our first date. 😀


After the movie, we then went to Matina Town Square, had pizza and continued our conversation.

Rain started to pour. We took a cab and dropped my wife to her best friend’s place and got a kiss.. on the cheek.. and we bid goodbye.

That was the start of our forever.

Hannah’s version of the story. From our wedding website –

P.S. I proposed to her at the same spot where we had our first date.