At the back of our previous house in the valley, there used to have 2 trees. One was a thorny pomelo tree, the other was a young coconut tree – just about 2 stories high.

Between the trees hung a long steel bar — made from steel water pipe.

It’s a DIY pull-up bar. About 4 feet in length.

Dad made this for us because I was trying to make my own but failed. I managed to build one, poorly, that I almost broke my back when the bar slipped and I fell hard on the ground.

Having that pull-up bar, I was basically the guy in class (high school) who can make the most reps.

20 reps was easy.

Dad used to tell stories of how cool pull-up bars were during his high school days when Bruce Lee was super popular. Dad also knew a lot of pull-up tricks. He taught me some.

My dad’s pull-up influence kept me fit up to this day.

I still have one on our toilet door (it’s a doorway pull up bar). I can no longer do 20 reps but I could still manage 12-15 reps easily.

Thanks dad!