My first Trip to the Land of the Rising SUN was a manifestation of such SWIFTness!

It was in August 2018 (more than a month after hubby passed on) when my 2nd son first mentioned of the trip to Japan. He knew very well that I was still grieving over the passing on of their dad.

My immediate answer was, “YES, I am OPEN to the universe’s surprises.”

The said invite went silent though especially after another earthquake struck Japan.


However, it has been my daily practice to verbalize my positive affirmations. With much GRATITUDE I would declare again and again that I deserve nothing but the BEST in Life.

During the first week of October, I was told by my son to apply for a Japan visa. So on the 8th, I found myself at the agency accompanied by my kumpare.

On the 16th, my Japan Visa was approved. The 18th was the day I received my emailed e-ticket, and on the 28th I flew to Manila with my kumpare & his son. We reached Narita Airport in Japan almost 12 noon or past 12 noon as Japan is ahead of Philippine time by an hour.

Whew! That was amazingly fantastic!

In Japan, every day yielded & unfolded different WONDER-filled experiences.

The trip was all about the awesome manifestations of my thoughts & desires. I tasted His moment-to-moment surprises and directions.


Family, friends, people & events came at the right time, spicing up our visit.

We met a wonderful Filipina & Canadian couple via a convo in the vernacular. We ended up enjoying coffee & raspberry cake @ Ueno Park Cafe.

It’s also in Ueno Park where I simply wished to meet the famous dog-Hachiko…and to our big surprise…Prof. Ueno himself is also there. We were led to their monumental statue after I had warm felicitations by the Park bench with the biggest live hawk I have seen & communicated with in my life.

Another experience was our unforgettable authentic Japanese cuisine dinner date @ Tokyo Skytree Tower courtesy of Dolly’s friend Anna & hubby.

Japanese Culture

We experienced Japanese culture of respect, courtesy and helpfulness.

Discipline, honesty & cleanliness are seen everywhere. Bikes are parked in designated areas without padlocks. The elderlies independently walk & ride buses on their own. Lost/left stuff along the way are never touched by anyone. Toilets or water closets always provide liquid soap, tissue & disinfectants.

The Long Walks & Rides

Our happy talks, seemingly unending loooong walks, bus & train rides were part of the whole trip package. Funny, as for the second time in my international trips, my footwear (this time, my boots) again gave way (“laughed” out loud- lol) in the midst of all the walks & the going up & down staircases & hills.

It’s only in Japan that I got a nightly notification of “you have ACHIEVED your 10K steps goal of the day.”

The places in Japan that I only see in movies and read on magazines have become a reality.


We also experienced the generosity of three Filipina friends who have been residents of Japan.

One is Teresa, fondly called Tetet.

She selflessly toured us during our first night. She lent us her 4 Pasmo cards for our train rides’ convenience. Another “tour guide” turned immediate PA during the wearing of a Yukata (courtesy of Chang) is named Yvette.

From day 1 she has guided us.

It was a bit challenging on her part as she is used to driving their car. Riding trains & buses is quite strange for her. Nevertheless, she managed to guide us in Narita & Tokyo. So goes with Chang who patiently accompanied us.

Just before we headed ourselves back to the airport, Yvette gave us an authentic Japanese cuisine treat as an advance birthday celebration of her hubby-our great driver that day.


BEST OF ALL, I got to enjoy my first trip to Japan with my beloved son-James, wife-Hannah, our Princess-Keona together with Roger & Micah, Dolly, Fredrick & Arlyn with family.
We joyfully celebrated two birthdays there, Dolly’s & Hannah’s.

I am more than humbled & GRATEFUL to our dear James & Hannah for paving the way for me & granting one great desire of my heart.

As I declined an offer to go back to UAE, one great door opened up for me.
I should say that my 10-day visit to Japan was MAGICally rewarding & fulfilling.

By the way, it has been over these years that The Land of the Rising Sun is deeply embedded in my subconscious.

I must have been born there (?)
See you again Japan!

On the same note, is there anything that you have been desiring in your life to manifest?

Align and marry your thoughts with your emotions. As you CREATE FEELINGS over the union of thoughts & emotions…things HAPPEN beyond your wildest dreams.

That’s how the universe delivers with unimaginable SWIFTNESS.

Go and CREATE MINDFULLY your own Happiness.

💥 Happy Manifesting 💥

Am more than willing to share more HELPFUL details with you on how to manifest your dreams & desires.
Don’t hesitate to ask. Am here for you.

This post originally appeared on Judith Bacarro’s Blog.