Frequently Asked Questions


How does this website work?

For the not-so-tech-savvy peeps, the aim here is to keep this hassle-free for you and to not let you worry about the technical stuff.

All you need to provide are the 3 items below:

  1. The title of your story/blog post
  2. The content – this is your story in paragraph form. You can send it to me however you like, be it in Microsoft Word, Google Docs, as body text via email or Facebook messenger — whatever method works easiest for you.
  3. The main photo – this is called “Featured Image” and it will show up along with your blog post title. This adds a visual appeal to your story.

Once the 3 items above are provided, I will take care of uploading them to this website.

I will notify you once your story has been published.


Where can I get free photos?

We wouldn’t want to get into some copyright trouble, so it’s best not to grab just any photo on the web.

I usually get FREE photos in these 2 sites:




Can’t decide on the main photo?

Just let me know and I will pick one for you. No biggie 🙂


Can I upload my stories by myself?

Definitely. I can teach you how.


What if I want my own blog website like your mom?

I can help. Send me an email.


Ready to share your stories?

Please fill up the form below and I will get back to you. This is free for all.

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