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Memoir Space

This is a space for you to leave your legacy by sharing your life lessons, stories and thoughts.
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This Place Called Surrender

I turned 54 a few days ago. As usual, whenever my birthday rolls around, I spend some time in reflection and contemplation.I’ve done that as soon as I got old enough to reflect and take stock of things in my life. I found that the practice has allowed me to be more...

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The Human Condition

We are all changing. We are no longer where we used to be. We are no longer who we used to be. As that line from Wizard of Oz went, “This is not Kansas anymore”. Most of the time, most people just flow with the tide. Until they get bumped onto the sidelines or some...

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Dear Death

I feel you. I feel your presence the closest today than I have ever experienced you. You came barging on me like an overflowing floodgate of emotions and thoughts. Thoughts of ending this. Ending this cycle of thought that finally leads me to another door that...

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The Future Belongs To Communities

I belong to a small community called AMORE, which means “with love and devotion” or “beloved”. The group is devoted to “helping build a more compassionate world”. It was birthed after several experiments of building group founded on a particular belief system. Today...

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The First Date

On January 8, 2012, 6 years ago -- Hannah, my wife and I had our first date.I arrived at our meeting place at least an hour earlier. This was in Abreeza Mall, Davao, Philippines. We agreed to watch a movie so I checked the cinema timings and bought tickets. I probably...

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Pulling Myself Up

At the back of our previous house in the valley, there used to have 2 trees. One was a thorny pomelo tree, the other was a young coconut tree - just about 2 stories high. Between the trees hung a long steel bar -- made from steel water pipe. It's a DIY pull-up bar....

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My Dad’s Musical Influence

Learning GuitarGuitar is the first musical instrument I learned to play. My dad had a Yamaha acoustic guitar which was older than my two younger brothers. If my brain serves me right, my kuya (older brother) and I started learning guitar when I was in Grade 5.The...

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